CATT welcomes Denali Rods as part of the 2010 sponsor team! Great rods at a great price plus save 20% off the purchase of a Denali Rod with a CATT Denali Rod Certificate. All CATT directors will have the certificate at the 2010 CATT events.

As most you know on Wednesday night January 7th, Tommy and Lib Phillips passed away in a house fire at Clearwater Cove on Lake Wateree. Tommy and Lib had owned Clearwater Cove Marina since the mid 1980’s and over the years have made countless friends. They were two of the most lovable and humble people you would ever want to meet. I thanked them many times over the years for providing a great place for us to gather on Saturdays but they always thanked me more, along with other tournament directors, for coming to Clearwater. They held the Take A Child Fishing tournament for years and loved seeing the smiles on the faces of the many children that participated. All of us will never forget Lib’s laughter and Tommy out front practicing his golf swing. I know I speak for hundreds of fishermen and Lake Wateree residents…Tommy and Lib, we love you both and will miss you more than words can express.

CUTMAKER LURE is our newest sponsor! Home of the Shooter Jigs and more! Brett Collins & Andy Owens set an NBC Single Season Weight Record in 2005! In 8 NBC Southern Qualifiers they brought in 38 Bass weighing over 134 lbs!


CATT’s most prominent sponsor is Visit their website to join! You will get all the information you need on S.C. and N.C lakes and lakes in neighboring states. Tournament information and also video and audio interviews of local tournament winners, including CATT winners!!